Sunday, December 14, 2008



We can be in despair, believing that no one cares. Misery can seem to overwhelm and our life is without a helm. So we lift our arms in disgust, when hopelessness and anguish seem to be a must. Is life really worth living, when most people aren’t forgiving? Despair is what we feel, when life becomes so surreal. We work so hard to fit in; that we believe that putting our trust in what we think can make us win. Real despair without care will have desolation and dejection there. Life seems to be so unfair, because we believe that for us that no one or even God is not there. If loneliness and isolation is what we do, then we will find despair always is in our view. What do we want or what we will be, if we fail to believe that we can’t be free? We don’t have to be in despair because God cares just look up and see He will answer our prayer. Let us please open our eyes and realize the reason why, that hope for the hopeless is given by the one who has shed His blood for us and died. Despair doesn’t have to exist as long as God is there and to know that He shelters us with His loving mercies and tender care. Please let us walk with Him, knowing that Jesus will always be our friend. There is no reason to be in despair, misery, anguish, or dejection, because Jesus Christ is our refuge and protection. OUR HOPE SHOULD BE IN NOTHING LESS THEN JESUS CHRIST AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. By Bruce Bynum ©

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Change Through pain

Change through pain

The family is the most important unit in our society in the past and still today. When we look at any systems, especially those that help family through protection of children, such as SRS and other private and state agencies. There has to be true check and balance, meaning we must have a way of assuring that it purpose (safety of Children) is being done with out bias, prejudice, and malice in the system. In all systems there is corruption of that system, although it may be the few that corrupt it, this do have effect and affect on many life’s. The fact that in family unit our lives are connective to each other, not only in our mediate family but our extend family, i.e. Cousin, Aunt & Uncle, Grandparents, Community, Church, and other social activities we are in involve with. There are times we will hear about family that go through these pain of changes that tear the family unit apart, and we believe that these are isolated indent and no real connection of what we hear, see, even read about from time to time. I believe that the real problems are we are not connective, or we don’t communicate/view these issues as interconnect, so situation seam to be far and few in between each indent. In Wichita KS, as in other cities and states there are groups trying to connect these major issues, but I believe that we have a few groups representative of the few, and some of these are radical groups. We don’t know or understand how many relatives are affected by lack of support. If we don’t have a voice we can’t be hear. How do we effectively change the cost of the life’s so disrupted? It is stated, “when the pain of not changing become greater then the pain of change, then people will change”. When we look at Kinship/ relatives rising family member, where there is no voice for what they are going to be facing. Families are dealing with just how to manage their new lives, and some are going through the court systems, then you add on the finances that soon follow. We have put stress on the family unit and to point of failure, and the pain that become almost unbearable. To many families have given up and believe that it is hopeless, that we must take it no matter what. Question: Has that pain become some much that we are will to make change, or do we need to still suffer?

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Friday, December 5, 2008


I pray to God today in such an intellectual way.
I got so much intoxicated about all I had to say.
Then in a moment I heard from God,
about why I’m making such a long blog.
God stated that my words are not impressive to him.
It is more of my heart he wanted to have, and
if I give him all of my heart
then that would be a very good start.
By Bruce Bynum 5- 8-08©