Thursday, July 24, 2008

If only

If only, i.e. was, done, could, etc, what if, i.e. won, had, could be, etc. These are words thought we use because of the belief that’ our life could have change if only, or what if this or that happen. This is a unrealistic way of looking at our life, believing that we can’t change noting about our self, and there is an unreachable thing out there. We all have things to over come, some more then other, but do this mean that we can only dream about a different life or what some may call a better life. I know that Kansas has a reputation because of the Wizard of OZ, but think of what the song Some Where Over the Rainbow means, and the theme of OZ. If only, what if, and all along those things were in front of her. We can always blame other for our not being, doing, going, were we believed we should had been or be. Why is it we can’t change or more think we can’t change. We try then give up, or don’t try at all and blame life for us not going along with are plans. This become problematic in our lives and we start to feel incomplete, so we look to other things to fulfill us. Yet never being fulfills, that why we start fantasy about if only, what if. We will always look at our life as failure, as long as we continue to make excuse for not getting, doing, or achieving the things we desirer to do. What really stop us for going for it: failures, someone else, us, laziness, are it beliefs, not caring, don’t know how? Only if, What if, these are our fantasy, because we will only do what is familiar and comfortable for us, we said we want change for our lives, but our actions are far from it. My pastor had challenge us, to quit walking in insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different to happen. I know that people believe what they believe and do what they do, but if you are ready to go beyond only and what if, then look toward God the dream maker and ask him for direction for your life, he do love you and care for you, whether you want him to or not.

All about life

What is it we want to resolve? Life is not as bad as most of us may think. We look at things from our own experiences and not willing or even think on other people experiences. We may think of what we or other people experience, may or may not give them reason for hating or evening hurting other. We may even want to excuse them or ourselves for what we do, because of what we may have been through. Is this a good way of viewing life or our life experiences or should we look at life as important and valuable for all? As I look at my experiences and other experiences, the outlook can be very different on how we react to those things we go through. What make this different? Why doesn’t everybody who goes through similar experiences act the same way? How do we change for the better that is not being hateful, not wanting to hurt other the way we might have been hurt? What is it about life, that bring us to pain and wanting to find ways out, that eventually can destroy us. Is it that we want to look at everything in the view of what man do, or expect noting because of things we see or experience. This can’t explain the many things we see, who has experience similar or much worse that our own, yet has done much more better then the experiences they have face. Let start by treating other the way we want to be treated. Hopefully that with respect and love.