Thursday, July 24, 2008

All about life

What is it we want to resolve? Life is not as bad as most of us may think. We look at things from our own experiences and not willing or even think on other people experiences. We may think of what we or other people experience, may or may not give them reason for hating or evening hurting other. We may even want to excuse them or ourselves for what we do, because of what we may have been through. Is this a good way of viewing life or our life experiences or should we look at life as important and valuable for all? As I look at my experiences and other experiences, the outlook can be very different on how we react to those things we go through. What make this different? Why doesn’t everybody who goes through similar experiences act the same way? How do we change for the better that is not being hateful, not wanting to hurt other the way we might have been hurt? What is it about life, that bring us to pain and wanting to find ways out, that eventually can destroy us. Is it that we want to look at everything in the view of what man do, or expect noting because of things we see or experience. This can’t explain the many things we see, who has experience similar or much worse that our own, yet has done much more better then the experiences they have face. Let start by treating other the way we want to be treated. Hopefully that with respect and love.

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