Saturday, February 21, 2009

Go fly a Kite (When learning how to be a father)

Flying a kite seems to be easy at first,
When you are trying to get to a height and break the bonds of earth.
There are things for kites you need to setup, in order to fly so their flights will never letup.
The more time you put in your kite; the higher it will soar.
Surely this part can’t be ignored.
Fathering is not so far removed as you see.
On first sight you say that being a father is such a joy and glee.
Then as the night becomes longer, the little one to you that belongs you know will grow stronger.
Yet they seems to don’t understand,
As how you laid out their life’s plan.
If you want your child to succeed,
Spend the time that you will need.
The further you want your child to grow and go,
The more you have to let them know.
To show them what truth is and what should be,
So they will growth up most honorably.
Now surely this can’t be ignored,
then the “you” in them will help them soar and in their heart truth will be stored. By Bruce Bynum©

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